March 11, 2018                                  4th Sunday in Lent

Only faith in Christ crucified saves.

Liturgy:        Common Service (p.15)     

Hymns:        384     391     354v.1-2      311    345

Psalm 38 (p.81)


OT Lesson: Numbers 21:4-9       The Jews rebelled, fell under God's judgment, and were struck with a plague of poisonous snakes. Faith in God's promise was God's remedy for their troubles.

Epistle: Ephesians 2:4-10            Even when we were dead in transgressions, God made us alive with Christ. Such a free gift of God moves Christian hearts to do the good works God prepared for us to do.

Gospel: John 3:14-21        Jesus compares Himself to the bronze snake. He was lifted up to pay for the sins of the world.


Sermon Text: Ephesians 2:4-10

Rich Grace

1.  Gives everything.

2.  Expects something.

 A note about the Lord’s Supper
Because God calls for complete unity of faith as a basis for oneness in the Sacrament, we ask that those who wish to receive Christ’s body and blood in the Sacrament be of our confession of faith as members of our Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS) or the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS).  Communicants register for the Lord’s Supper by filling out the member/visitor cards in the hymnal racks, and handing those completed cards to an usher before coming up to commune. An entire family can register on one card.


Sunday Adult Bible Class
We continue our video series entitled The Age of Gender Confusion. This series will provide Biblical and rational answers to these morality issues. We’ll look at suicidal issues with transgenders, and also at a Christian man who had thought he was transgender.  We meet after church on Sundays 10:45-11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room.


Midweek Lenten service

- This Thursday March 15 6:30 PM, we’ll continue our midweek Lenten services under the theme Jesus is our Great High Priest. Pastor Jon Zabell’s (St. Paul WELS Green Bay) sermon text and theme will be Hebrews 10:5-12, Jesus is our Self-Sacrificing High Priest.  The Passion History reading will focus on Jesus’ condemnation before Pontius Pilate.

-  Pastor Schleis will be conducting the Wed. March 14 6:30 PM Lent services at Beautiful Savior WELS Ashwaubenon this week.  

- We have the Lenten suppers, 5:00 – 5:45 PM, before the midweek Lenten services. A menu/sign up sheet can be found on the Entryway table. Proceeds, after expenses, go to our Education Assistance Fund.


Sacred Concert on Friday at St. Paul
The Prep Singers of Luther Preparatory School (LPS) in Watertown will present a sacred concert at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 541 S Clay St, this Friday, March 16, 7:00 p.m.  This 37-voice group is the premier choir from LPS, one of our Synod-run high schools, whose special purpose is to prepare young people for careers in the preaching and teaching ministry.  


BALC presentation and potluck next Sunday
Our friends from the Bay Area Life Center (BALC), the WELS pro-life group renting one of our school rooms, invite us to a potluck meal in our Large Fellowship Hall (basement) next Sunday, 11:30 AM. The social will also give us the opportunity to go over and look at the BALC set-up.

A member of the BALC board has been invited to give a brief presentation about the BALC after church next Sunday.


Stewardship Report
Each month, Pastor Schleis assembles statistical and financial information from church, and puts that in the weekend bulletin as a stewardship report. Statistically, we look at the numbers of those in worship, Bible study of various ages, and communion attendance.  

Financially, we look at the offerings the Gospel has motivated us to give for the work of the Lord, various other incomes, and a brief line of general expenses for the month. An update is also given of the various funds with which the Lord has blessed us. Some of those funds have specific restrictions to them (by donor or by Voters designation), others can be used for general expenses now and in the future.

Feel free to check with Pastor Schleis if you have any questions about that monthly report.


FVL News

WPCP: The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) offers families the opportunity to have their FVL tuition fully funded. Applications are accepted until April 20. Only incoming 9th graders or students transferring from public school are eligible. Visit for details. Email or hknoll@fvlhs with questions. Not eligible for WPCP? FVL’s Tuition Assistance application windows open March1 and are open until May 4.

FVL Choir Concert: All are invited to attend the FVL Choir Sacred Concert on Sunday, April 8 at 6PM in the FVL Auditorium. A free-will offering will be taken.





Sun. Mar. 11                9:30 AM          Worship Service w/Communion

Ushers: Roger Francois (head), Allan Lemke, Derek Cole, Kevin Cole

10:45 AM         Bible Class

                                    12:00 PM          Congreg. Dinner, The Rite Place

Mon. Mar. 12               9:00 AM           Needle Club

Tues. Mar. 13               9:30 AM           GB Pastors’ Circuit mtg. @ First

                                    6:30 PM           Shepherding mtg.

Wed. Mar. 14                5:00 PM           Catechism

                                    5:30 PM           Christ Light

Thurs. March 15          9:00 AM           Senior Brkfst, Bible study

                                    5:00 PM           Lenten Supper

                                    5:30 PM           Choir Practice

                                    6:30 PM           Lent worship w/Communion

Usher: Eric Spoerl

Sun. March 18             9:30 AM          Worship Service w/Communion

Ushers: Roger Francois (head), Keith Obermiller, Melissa Melotte

10:45 AM         Bible Class

11:15 AM         Choir Practice

11:30 AM         BALC potluck


Officiant:          Pastor Paul Schleis

Organist:          Denise Schleis

Sunday         Offerings Rec’d             Budgeted         Variance
YTD                 $66,918.70           $63,458.31        $3,460.39
3/04                 $2,565.00            $1,813.10          $751.90

“The Lord Jesus Christ gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age.” (Galatians 1:4)


First Ev. Lutheran Church
(Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod) 
743 S. Monroe Ave.   Green Bay, WI      54301

2nd & 3rd Thursdays                           6:30 PM

Sunday Worship                                  9:30 AM

Sunday Bible Class                            10:45 AM

Church Office:  435-7970

Pastor Paul Schleis: 621-0460 (cell phone)

Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

743 S. Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

Pastor Paul D. Schleis

Office: (920) 435-7970
Cell: (920) 621-0460