November 2018 Newsletter

Adult Bible Classes- Fellowship
These follow our Sun. churches services, from about 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM, in the Overflow Room. We continue a study entitled Devoted to Fellowship with God and Others. This new Bible study talks about various aspects of church fellowship. Our schedule is:

            Sun. Nov. 04   Differences in Fellowship

Sun. Nov. 11   Tolerate or Divide?

Sun. Nov. 18   Close(d) Communion

            Sun. Nov. 25   Working Together


Adult choir
Pastor Schleis appreciates our vocal volunteers, who help assist our worship with special choir selections. We’re considering having practices after Sun. morning Bible classes (start at 11:15 AM), Nov. 11 and 25, to plan to do some special music on Thanksgiving Day and beyond.

 We’d then plan to have practices before the Advent services (starting either November 29 or December 06) for some special music for the Advent and Christmas services. Our purchase of an OneLicense license enables us to use more of the Christian Worship Supplement (grey booklet) materials.

Saints Triumphant
On Sun. November 18, which will be celebrated as Saints Triumphant Sunday, we’ll have special remembrance and rejoicing for those members of First who passed from this life to eternal triumph with Jesus these past 12 months: Clayton Peck, Ruth Lamack, Leonard Osterloh, Woodrow DeSmidt. Family members, in particular, are invited to attend the special Saints Triumphant service that weekend.


Senior Breakfast/Bible study
Our monthly Senior Breakfast/Bible study continues on Thurs. November 15th, 9-10 AM, at the Bay Family Restaurant, corner of 9th and Military. We’ll conclude our study of special Old Testament festivals. ALL ages are welcome.

Financial Report for September 2018

Receipts:                                    $ 13,814.00
Disbursements:                          $   8,261.00
Checkbook balance (Sept. 30) $   5,792.70*
    *Included $1265 EAF, - $15 Carillon interest

Educational Assistance Fund (WELS CD)
$1265 due from the General Fund  $   4,195.28
Short Term Asset (undesignated) $ 32,566.55
Estate Fund (undesignated)
    (WELS Estate)                        $ 400,000.00
       (CD)                                      $162,000.00
Endowment (WELS Balanced, restricted)                                                             $ 85,293.78

Thanksgiving Day worship
On Thurs. November 22 much of our country will pause, to celebrate a National Day of Thanksgiving. If you do (most of us do) have that day off, let’s start our Thanksgiving Day here at First, 9:30 AM, for worshipWe plan to have our adult choir assist us in special worship.

If you have travel plans, and would like to attend another WELS church on the night before Thanksgiving, please feel free to contact Pastor Schleis, and he’ll check which area WELS churches would be available.


FVL/Mission Festival

We’ve re-scheduled the FVL/Mission Festival for Sun. November 18. Pastor Schleis will be trying to coordinate special music from our adult choir for that day. We’ll try to have a special meal after that service as well.

   Development directors from our FVL have asked to come to all the churches in our Federation, to explain and promote the Let the Children Come building fund campaign. Those directors were not available on November 18, so we’ve scheduled them to come on December 16, for a brief presentation after the service.


Advent services begin
The three special midweek Advent services will begin after Thanksgiving, in the Overflow Room. First will team with St. Paul (WELS) again, and St. Paul will have its Advent services at 2:00 and 6:30 PM on the Wednesdays before our Thursday services. As of the printing of this newsletter, it hadn’t been determined yet to start on November 29 or December 06.


Christmas Eve service program
First plans to have its ChristLight (Sunday School) and catechism children practice for, and participate in our Christmas Eve service on MonDecember 24, 6:30 PM. Pastor Schleis will be working with a very flexible service from our Northwestern Publishing House, which includes pre-recorded songs and accompaniment. We hope to have our service set up for our children by early November.

Our teens, students, congregational leaders, choir and musicians will also be asked to participate as well.

Besides practicing during the Wednesday classes, our Christ Light and catechism students  plan to have two other practices in December: on Sun. morning Dec. 02, 10:30-11:15 AM, and on Wed. evening Dec. 19, 6:30-7:30 PM (after Christ Light and catechism. Supper will be provided)


TV and Radio worship
For those physically unable to come for worship here at First Lutheran, there are some places on local television and radio in which broadcast services and devotions from our WELS churches and pastors. Here’s the latest information we have:

  WGBA NBC 26   Sun. 6:30 AM Time of Grace

  WACY 32          Sun. 7:30 AM   Time of Grace

  WOCO radio (1260 AM.107.1 FM)

                M-F    9:05 AM Lutheran Meditations

Pastor Schleis also makes a digital copy of our Sunday services, and can convert that copy into

a CD or MP3 format. Just ask, if you’d like a copy.


Sign up for C18
1,000,000 souls. To share the gospel with 1,000,000 souls prior to and on Christmas Eve. That goal is part of WELS Congregational Services’ C18 program. The only way to achieve that goal is for all

WELS members, young and old, to embrace the privilege and responsibility of sharing Christ with unchurched friends, relatives, and neighbors. A simple way to do that—invite them to come with

your family to our Christmas Eve worship service. A recent survey found that 80% of unchurched adults would seriously consider accepting an invitation, extended by a friend, to attend a Christmas Eve service. C18 walks you through this process step-by-step. For more information and to sign up to receive free weekly materials and encouragement, go to


COP News
Our WELS Conference of Presidents’ (COP) fall meeting was held during the first week of October. Here are some of the highlights of that meeting:

- The COP issued calls for three Christian giving counselors in three Districts.

- There are 106 vacancies in parish pastor positions, seven in semi-retirement positions, two in foreign mission fields, three in professor positions, and three in other pastor-trained positions.

- The Translation Review Committee is currently conducting a review of the Evangelical Heritage Version and plans to complete that review by the end of the year.

- The COP discussed the process for conducting discipline and carrying out suspension of called workers. It was agreed that the COP will review the synod’s bylaws dealing with this process and recommend any necessary changes to the next synod convention.

- The COP received a report from a special committee reviewing the synod’s pension plan for called workers. Recommendations will be presented to the Synodical Council in November.

- The COP established age 55 as the earliest age at which a called worker may retire. Departures from the ministry prior to age 55 will be categorized as resignations.


Nov. 4             Tammy Spoerl

Nov. 10           JoBeth Farah

                        Angela Vanderheyden

Nov. 12           Ruth Mantick (94)

Nov. 19           Melissa Watermolen

Nov. 20           Mark Schroeder

Nov. 22           Troy Heuvelmans

Nov. 24           Gregory Keiler


LWMS Meeting
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 6:30 PM in the overflow room. We will be finishing our hymnal project, please bring scissors and glue if you have them. The ribbon and plastic holders will be provided. Please join us.


Nov.15            Troy & Rebecca Heuvelmans (21)

Nov. 23           Kevin & Molly Cole (22)




Thursday Worship: 6:30 PM second and third Thursday of the month.

Sunday worship:
9:30 AM

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